"The food is amazing. We are a true vegan for life if we can have food like this every day. We came here to eat a healthy and nutritious meal and we received more than what we expected from the taste of the food-YUMMY!"

Raymond (Oakland) and Angelina (DC)

"I passed by your wonderful restaurant today and ended up bringing a bag of food home. The food was delicious! A raw food diet can be so isolating, tedious or bland. Your restaurant takes away all of those concerns. I excitedly sent a glowing email plus your website to a half dozen friends who are also on this "walk". Thank you for your presence and keep doing what you're doing."

Brandy Heyward, NYC

"The strawberry Shortcake was the best RAW CAKE/PIE that I have ever tasted in my LIFE. I would KILL FOR IT-You could win an AWARD FOR THAT IF THEY HAD THEM----Why did you HIDE that for so long and what else are you holding out on??"

Charles Fisher, Harlem, NY

"Your ginger beer is UNREAL! I discovered it at Christopher's (Live Live) and I just have to take this moment to let you know, I live up in Woodstock and I wish it was available up here. No matter, I get to the City every few weeks. Much love and gratitutde!"

Pal Shazar, Woodstock, NY

"I ordered a wrap to take outů.I always walk by your restaurant, but I give thanks this time I stopped and walked in. Thanks for an incredible experience. My body loved the food. Thank you."

Mary Seymour Williams, Central Islip, NY

"Thank you for the wonderful and very informative class on Sunday, March 8, 2009. After 2 years of trying to go vegetarian on my own from reading books, I felt it was time to noch it up a bit. So I decided to take your class after having tried some of the delicious food from Raw Soul. I'm so happy I did. I discovered there was so much more to learn and that I could change on my quest for better health and youthfulness. You both are a wonderful team and work so well together. I'm looking forward to taking more classes with you. Keep up the great work!"

Jose Cruz, Bronx, NY

"I tried raw food desperately searching for an answer to improve my health. While I was worried the food wouldn't taste good, Raw Soul ended up being one of my favorite restaurants in New York. Along with the tasty food, their impact on my health has been truly life changing!"

Justin Rothberg, Harlem, NY

"By far you have the best raw food I have ever had!!! And I've been to them ALL!!!! There's something so special and real and loving about your food-it's savory and incredibly delicious-bottom line-IT'S GOT SOUL!!!!"

Jennifer Maeve, Long Island


"Five years ago I was extremely sick when I met Lillian and Eddie. I knew nothing of raw food when I enrolled in the 4 week program. In literally 24 hours I was more alive than I had ever been! I was quickly restored to good health, both physically and mentally (though there are some who would debate the 'mental' part), thru Lillian and Eddies direction. And it just keeps getting better!

Lillian and Eddie have gone from being teachers, to friends, to family! I have found myself in other parts of the country at raw food events where the facilitators of these events would be asking me questions from the stage, because of the extensive knowledge I have attained from Lillian and Eddie.

I have explored many different avenues to attain better health, NOTHING comes close to the raw food experience. Lillian and Eddie are dedicated to making a difference in their community and other communities. I have also explored many different raw food restaurants, not one of them has come close to the exquisite culinary expertise at RAW SOUL, not even close!!!"

Bill Peters, FL

"Raw Soul is my home. Either I'm eating from my kitchen or I'm at Raw Soul."

Dionne Stewart-Monsanto, Harlem, NY

"You can taste the love in everything. That's why Raw Soul's food is so much better than the rest!"

Sara, Harlem, NY

"I love Lillian and Eddie. They work so hard, and put so much love into the food. The atmosphere is so welcoming and relaxing. I particularly appreciate the special services they offer, like the meal service and catering."

Mark Anthony, Bronx, NY

"Raw Soul is by far the best raw vegan restaurant we have been to. The food, the service and the "home like" environment keeps us coming back for more. Our favorite meal this far is the falafel wrap special. Miss Lillian is a wonderful host, very warm and friendly."

Wilreno (Bronx) and Jennifer (Queens)

"Raw Soul has the best raw food in the City (esp. the soup and muffins!). We can ALWAYS count on Raw Soul for a nourishing meal filled with love. Harlem wouldn't be the same without RAW SOUL!"

Kimerly, Steve (PA) and Alysha (NYC)


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