Business Revitalization
$1,000 initial consultation, evaluation and report.
Fees for Action Plan and Implementation to be arranged.

Is your business in a slump? Are sales down? Do you have too many under motivated staff members? How about your menu, does it reflect current dining trends or is it outdated? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, may we offer our assistance in revitalizing your business so that it is thriving and successful.

Our services include the following :

  • Evaluation of Overall Operations
  • Evaluation of Employees
  • Review/Establishment of Policies and Procedures
  • Review of Menu Items
  • Review and Implementation of Marketing Strategies to Increase Visibility and Customers
  • Implementation of Employee Training for front of the house staff
  • Guidance in Streamlining Operations and Growing Business
  • Reshaping your Existing Business
  • Update Business Plan for Strategic Growth
  • Connect you to services to help you operate and expand your business.

Once the above areas are evaluated, we will give you a report with recommended changes needed to revitalize your business. We will work with you in developing an action plan that includes a realistic timeframe to fully implement the necessary changes and turn your business around.

For additional information or to schedule a consultation, please call Lillian Butler at 212-491-5859 or click here to contact us.



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