Diet and Lifestyle
$300 includes one 1-1/2 hour initial consultation and one 1 hour follow-up consultation.

We offer one-on-one consultations to those seeking support while making diet and lifestyle modifications. Using our vast research, knowledge and experience, we have developed a proven method to provide you with a methodical and comprehensive approach to making successful diet and lifestyle changes. Our work is based on a five step process which involves evaluation, recommendations, planning, implementation and modification.

Evaluation - each client begins by completing a questionnaire which forms that basis for the consultation. The questionnaire will assist in uncovering the root cause of lack of health.

Recommendations - based on the information disclosed in the questionnaire and an in-depth discussion of health habits during the consultation, we will discuss goals and make recommendations accordingly.

Planning - once your short and long-term goals are established, we will work with you to devise a realistic and successful program to bring you into balance.

Implementation - we will establish guidelines to get you started and keep you moving forward throughout the process.

Modification - once you have begun making changes, we will follow up with you and look at what is working and what is not, and make the necessary modifications so that you reach your desired goals.

Each consultation includes a Tool Kit that covers the following:

  • Nutrition program guidelines
  • Caloric requirements for men and women
  • Balancing nutrition with exercise
  • Plant-based food group chart
  • Sample menu plans for 7 days
  • Daily Exercise Journal
  • Daily Nutrition Journal
  • Rest and Relaxation Methods

Diet, exercise and supplementation are the foundation for good health. Maintaining good health is a balancing act. When you complete your consultation, you will have the knowledge, tools and experience to keep your life in balance through all of its amazing changes.

For additional information or to schedule a consultation, please call Lillian Butler at 212-491-5859 or click here to contact us.



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