Joann Burnham

I learned so much and was challenged in ways that I never thought possible in the kitchen without an oven.

Lillian and Eddie are the consummate professionals. They take it seriously, so you have to! But they teach with such joy, enthusiasm and generosity it is always so much fun that you forget you are learning.

Patricia Faggi

The class was set up very well for hours, time and location. Lillian and Eddie are very understanding, loving and clear in their teachings. I learned so much.

Thank you.

Lisa Hartunian

Lillian and Eddie are knowledgeable and patient. Good balance of instruction as well as allowing us to truly have input and say so about recipes prepared.

It was truly a memorable and life-changing experience.

Kimberly Hester

Taking the Chef's Program was an invaluable experience. There are so many intangibles that you learn during the program.

I enjoyed making food and the homework assignments and the method of the final exam when we had to use our creativity to prepare a dish off the top of our head.

Tamara Iglesias

The energy in the group was amazing and the space was so beautiful. I enjoyed working in small groups preparing food and the demonstrations.

Lillian and Eddie bring their own personality, determination and flare to their teachings. They showed us how to chef with love, from our hearts, the way it should be.

Maria Massana

The chef's training was excellent. I enjoyed learning and practicing new ways of making food. I especially liked learning how to convert cooked foods to raw foods and learning different techniques to help us avoid mistakes.
I loved making all the amazing tried-n-true recipes and eating them.

Eddie and Lillian, I am so grateful.

Joy Perlow

The chef's training has given me a very solid foundation. I enjoyed the hands on training, especially converting conventional recipes to raw and learning how to use the Vita-mix.

Lillian and Eddie teach with so much love and intention, not to mention the amount of knowledge they both have around raw food. I can't thank you enough for sharing all of this with the world, and not keeping it all to yourelves!

Joann Relich

I loved that we worked in groups and I was able to take notes while watching the other groups.
This is all new to me and it's made the raw lifestyle much more available to me.

Thank you Eddie and Lillian for your knowledge, patience and love.

Catherine Moon Rubin

I learned so many incredible useful things to prepare me for making excellent raw food dishes. Most useful was how to get taste and texture equivalents. Now I have the confidence to go out there and chef.

This program has provided a spring board for actualizing my dreams, and for this I thank you.

Lily Wang

Thank you Lillian and Eddie for giving me the knowledge and confidence to make food.

I am no longer intimidated. I really enjoy making food now.

Rashida Wright

Eddie and Lillian, I thank God for you.

I learned so much and really looked forward to coming to class and making food. I know I learned from the best.

Thank you!

Lillian and Eddie

We learned so much while teaching this program. We were impressed by the skill, dedication and tenacity that the students displayed. They showed real talent and we proud of all of them.


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