A Bit Of History

Welcome to RawSoul.com. My name is Lillian Butler. I have been a vegetarian for over 10 years. For many years I thought that was enough, but I still had poor digestion and I lacked energy. I was taking every kind of supplement imaginable. Something was wrong. At the invitation of a friend, I visited the Ann Wigmore Institute where I was introduced to living foods.

Eddie and Lillian

I gradually began adding live food to my diet. I started drinking wheatgrass everyday and adding sprouts to my salads. I began to have more energy. I stopped taking supplements, I lost weight and my overall health improved. After two years, I visited the Optimum Health Institute for a "tune up" where I increased my knowledge, understanding, experience and level of commitment. The results of my increased commitment have been very noticeable and people started asking me what they could do to integrate live food into their diet. So I have developed these workshops to help others start their journey to optimum health through eating living foods.

Upon my return from the Ann Wigmore Institute I immediately shared this new lifestyle with my husband, Eddie. He was very receptive to the changes I wanted to make in our lives, and began embracing this new way of eating himself. As a matter of fact, it was Eddie who began experimenting with raw recipes (particularly sweets). So when I needed a chef for the Living Foods Workshop, Eddie was the natural choice. Since then, Eddie has created many tasty dishes as the family chef. His artistic eye, creativity and natural ability has led him to come into his own as a master raw/living foods chef.

Through our tenacity, hard work and love, our business has blossomed. Not only have we expanded our on-going programs, but as of January 2004 we have opened Raw Soul, Catering and Food Service. We would not have done so without the help of many friends, relatives and loved ones. Thanks to you Raw Soul is a success and we will keep on growing!



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